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Unlock Dragon City Currencies for Free

Dragon City is an amazing game with captivating features, and wouldn’t it be great if you could access all the in-game currencies without spending a dime? In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you acquire gems, money, and gold for free!

1. Daily Rewards

Make sure to log in daily to claim your daily rewards. Often, game developers provide players with free gems, money, or gold simply for logging in. Take advantage of this feature to boost your in-game resources.

2. Participate in Events

Dragon City frequently hosts events that offer generous rewards. Participate actively in these events to earn gems, money, and gold. Some events may require specific actions or achievements, so be sure to check the event details.

3. Complete Quests and Achievements

Keep an eye on the available quests and achievements within the game. Completing them often rewards players with valuable in-game currencies. Whether it’s battling, breeding, or reaching a certain level, completing quests can significantly boost your resources.

4. Watch Advertisements

Some games offer rewards for watching short video advertisements. Check if Dragon City has this feature and take advantage of it. It’s a simple way to earn extra gems, money, or gold without spending real money.

Unlock Everything with Our Tutorial

We’ve prepared a video tutorial that reveals a secret trick to unlock all in-game currencies for free. Watch the video below and follow the steps to enhance your Dragon City experience:

Remember, it’s important to play games ethically and support the developers who work hard to bring us such enjoyable experiences. Using unauthorized methods to gain in-game currencies may result in penalties or a ban, so proceed at your own risk.

5. Social Media Giveaways

Follow Dragon City on their official social media channels. Game developers often host giveaways and contests on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Participate in these events for a chance to win free gems, money, or gold.

6. Refer-a-Friend Programs

Check if Dragon City has a refer-a-friend program. Some games offer rewards when you refer new players to the game. Invite your friends to join, and when they reach certain milestones or achievements, you both could receive in-game currency bonuses.

7. In-Game Offers and Discounts

Keep an eye on in-game offers and discounts. Occasionally, Dragon City may provide special promotions where you can purchase in-game currencies at a discounted rate. While this involves spending real money, the discounts can be a cost-effective way to acquire more resources.

8. Online Surveys and Reward Programs

Some games collaborate with online survey platforms or reward programs. Check if Dragon City has partnerships that allow you to earn in-game currencies by participating in surveys or completing certain tasks on affiliated platforms.


While the idea of getting unlimited gems, money, and gold for free may sound tempting, it’s crucial to consider the consequences of using unauthorized methods. Fair play not only ensures a positive gaming experience for everyone but also supports the developers who work hard to bring us these fantastic games.

Explore the legitimate ways mentioned above to enhance your Dragon City adventure. Remember, a well-earned victory and a thriving dragon city are much more satisfying when achieved through ethical means.

Happy gaming!

Happy dragon training!


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